Friday, January 25, 2002

It's late on Thursday. Been a pretty good week. Lenise and I just finished leading discussion on Psalm 88 for our small group. Both of us were suprised at how well it went. I figured, just based on the text, that it would be tough, but our group was certainly up to it. We were the second in a series of what you might call "present your own Psalm" studies. All the couples are taking turns leading discussion on a Psalm of their choosing. Not sure who (or which) is up next week.

On a happier note than Ps 88, I've gotten most of our taxes done, and we look to be getting a pretty good refund. Still waiting to hear from the bank about mortgage interest and taxes payments. The refund is due primarily to two factors:

1 Lenise has been paying ungodly amounts of taxes through payroll deductions, and,

2 My business income last year was pathetic.

So two wrongs now make a right financially speaking.

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