Thursday, June 13, 2002

I just remembered what had I wanted to write about for a while now. Our church typically does elective class series in the summer time--the one time we break the age barriers. I just found out there had been a shortage of volunters to teach classes and my associate pastor asked if I would ever be interested in teaching one. I mentioned to him my idea for a class, and would like to get started on it for next summer potentially.

Here's where I need your help. The class I would want to teach would be on NT introduction, though I'd need a flashier name. My inspiration is from, as you may have guessed, Wright's NT&PG, which is probably the only good resource on the subject on my own shelves. I'm lloking for some good suggestions on literature on subjects like 1st cent. OT interpretation, Roman and Jewish culture at that time, good historical studies, studies in inter-testamental literature, etc.

I suppose I'll start by rereading Wright, but unfortunately he doesn't have an annotated bibliography.

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