Monday, January 20, 2003

Don't know that there's too mmuch to talk about lately. Our cat set his tail on fire, even after I warned him verbally about using candles in the house. Kidneys aren't really causing ny pain, though I'm a bit anxious about getting that resolved. Great church service yesterday. About once a month I think about how fortunate I am to have such a great to (not to rub it in for any of you who are struggling with your own church in some way). Our pastor preached yet again another great sermon. And our SS class on what old folk...excuse me, what the more mature in our congregation have to teach us whippersnappers was very good again.

We also had our first team meeting about our upcoming Ukraine trip. We are very fortunate to have John Hamilton, who has planned about a million of these trips, both working with us and going with us. Most likely itinerary at this point is to go to Kiev for a week of teaching English (using the bible as a text) in June, with a couple of days for sight seeing somewhere else in Europe either before or after.

We spent some time on the net yesterday pricing flights to various cities. Looks like London is the cheapest way to go, but for just a bit more we can spend a couple of days in Stockholm. It'll be a group vote, but I think we may be able to convince the rest that Sweden in June is something to see.

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