Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Infrequently asked questions

Q1 So, why haven't you been blogging much lately?

A. Dunno. Just don't feel talkative maybe. Doing lots o' reading and stuff.

Q2 Have you received any letters yet from any of your students in Kiev?

A. Why yes I have. Funny you should ask!

Q3 How was the grammar in this letter?

A. Atrocious. Plus she told me that all of her family members were "high" raher than "tall". I might need to explain the difference when I write back.

Q4 What else have you been wasting time on, since you haven't been blogging?

A. Excuse me? Wasting time? Me? Well, we watched all the episodes of Fawlty Towers this week. Plus I've gotten into a neat board game turned into internet game called Cosmic Encounter.

Q5 If we were interested, could we play with you for free?

A. Yes you can.

Q6 How will we know who you are in the game?

A. I use the name "deacon".

Q7 Have you had any recent encounters with poison ivy?

A. Do you mean the character from the Batman movie or the actual plant?

Q8 Who's asking the questions here?

A You are.

Q9 Alright then, just answer me, and no more lip.

A. Ok.

Q10 Well?

A What?

Q11 What's your answer?

A Could you repeat the question again?

Q12 Be glad I'm patient. have you, or have you not had any encounters with poison ivy lately?

A Do you mean the . . . [SMACK!!!] . . . OWWW! Ok, ok. Yes, I've gotten it all over one knee, which is now twice the size of the other knee and is now dripping with a nasty goo on what seems to be a permanent basis.

Q13 And how long do you expect this condition to continue?

A How should I know. Am I a doctor?

Q14 Didn't I warn you about asking questions?

A Yes . . . sir.

I apologize for the lack of any substantive comment on this blog, both now and at all times future and past. If you want something informative and entertaining, I suggest you try somewhere else.

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