Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Contest is now closed!

In other news, we did some furniture exchanging aroung the house this past week. The lovely Lenise decided we needed a futon. We both agreed that we didn't feel like spending a lot of money right at the moment. Poking around eBay revealed a futon in Winston-Salem with the bidding at a measly 10 bucks. So I thought, "well, gee, I could bid $20 and maybe get this things REALLY cheap." Well, as it turns out I did in fact win it (for $19.50). My first thought was, "oh, great, now I'm the proud owner of a $20 futon." So we borrowed a truck and drove out to pick it up. I'll leave out the interesting but embarrassing details of that trip (I could be induced to tell, but you'll have to bribe me) which ended more or less successfully with us having a cheap futon.

Moving the futon in involved moving out a broken down recliner and an aged sofa-sleeper, so we had a couple of friends come over to yank the old bad stuff out and move the new, not quite so bad stuff in. They went home, I returned the truck, and we were left with two pieces of furniture in the back yard. I really had no idea what to do with them. The chair I wouldn't have paid a nickle for and the sofa was pretty heavy. I figured I should put them out front, just in case some good/greedy samaritan should decide to pick them up, otherwise I'd have to call someone. Someone. That mysterious someone who picks up worthless furniture to donate it to unkown charitable causes. Plus it is supposed to rain today, so the pressure is on.

As it turned out, I was saved by person or persons unknown who did in fact cart the stuff away before I went out this morning. Now I'm just wondering if they'll come back to get the feet I took off the sofa before we pulled it out.

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