Wednesday, July 07, 2004

From time to time I think about what I would like this blog to be, other than just getting me some practice writing. If I'm honest with myself, I realize that what I really want is legions of adoring fans. Thus I always feel a bit humbled when a post only gets comments from my wife and my mother. I want to see dozens of people writing in saying, "There was more wisdom in the second sentence of your post than in the last three generations of my family combined." Which means I want to attract flatterers with no sense of shame or honesty I suppose.

A couple of weeks ago I got invited to play a part in a VBS play. I had taken a drama class back in HS, but never got a part in a play. That's probably for the best, since I enjoy acting WAY too much. I don't need another narcissistic pursuit in my life.

Anyhow, the VBS play was based on two kids and a time machine. The particular day I was involved they were summoned to a courtroom to decide if Jesus was a prophet or a priest or a king. I was the bailiff, the formerly blind Bartimaeus. My friend Brian was the judge, and some others played Peter, John, and the widow from Nain (the witnesses). Brian's wife, Brenda, was running the show an told me to have as much fu as I could with my role. Brian told me the judge would be a cross between Shelby Foote and Freg Gwynne's character from My Cousin Vinny. I figured that gave me some license, so I went with something like a Scatman Crothers character. It seems I was a big hit with the kids. I guess that's just because I was loud and goofy. Probably the same reasons my wife keeps me around. Brian and Brenda and thier two boys, btw, are coming with me to L'viv in two weeks. Should be fun.

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