Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It hadn't happened in a while, but blogger ate my last post. It was a wondrous recounting of the events of this past Sunday in which I eloquently described the visit of my friend Sasha from Kiev, rhapsodized about Daniel Kirk's Sunday School class, and poigniantly related a touching incident with one of my firends in the youth group.

Alas, such prose is now lost in the cyber-ether. If you would do me a favor, though--no advise about how I should have written into a text program and copied it to blogger. Thanks.

BTW, John has been very grumpy for the last couple of days and seems incapable of sleeping for very long at any one time. Last night he slept for almost 3 hours before waking up at 1, and 1:30, and 1:50, and 2:15, etc.

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