Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Is it ok to gripe here if I just pretend no one reads this? I lost the music I'm suppposed to play for my brother-in-law's wedding on Saturday. Fortunately I have it all on a cd, so I'm printing it out this morning again. But when I try to print, I get an error message, "printer is out of paper". I wouldn't mind this if, in fact, the printer WAS out of paper. Eventually got it working. I still have about a 50% chance of the printer grabbing two sheets each time it prints a page. The old traction printers never did that, if you remember those.

Enough griping. We had quite a good weekend. Had about 14 people over on Saturday for ice cream and "Apples to Apples". Also had a friend come up from Georgia to look for a job here. She seemed to enjoy our church, which was gratifying to me for some reason. We had a great SS class, but I didn't get to hear the sermon since I was in the nursery. Had a wonderful ministry opportunity in the afternoon; our men's singing group went to a local nursing home for their afternoon service. As we were pulling up, my friend Larry Clarke (one of the finest people God ever made) said: "I've been in all the nursing homes in the area. Some of them are nice. This one isn't." It wasn't that bad though. We had a good time, and I was shocked to see a very elderly, begloved black woman softly singing along all the words to "I heard the voice of Jesus say."

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