Friday, September 13, 2002

Haven't felt like bloging much lately. A bit on the busy side, plus the material I was going to write about intimidated me a bit. Last Sunday was quite interesting. There was humor, celebration and tragedy all in a three hour period, and if I was a great writer I would be able to tel it all in a poignant way. If you've read Louis de Berniers you would know what I mean. In any event there's a funeral service tomorrow for the stillborn child of one of the elders of our church. The boy was delivered early Sunday morning.

Other than that things are good. Bruce Malina's book is amazingly insiteful, though some of it is a bit questionable. I would recommend it to anyone wisheing to know a bit more about NT background and some random and surpring insites about various NT passages.

About a Boy has one of the funniest characters I've ever come accross in fiction. Haven't seen the movie yet, so I don't know if Hugh Grant did Will freeman justice. If you get a chance, you should read it before you see the movie. That goes triple (or more) for Corelli's Mandolin. From what I've heard, you shouldn't see that one under any circumstances.

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