Tuesday, May 20, 2003

My most natural state is to remain silent, and that, I'm afraid, is the only reason I haven't posted more lately. Progress toward our mission trip is coming along. It appears now that the team in Kiev has secured an apartment for us to stay in while we are there, so that's one more thing we don't have to worry about. For some reason now I keep thinking about the possiblilty of our luggage being lost. I know that I have to put all my absolute essentials in my carry-on, so I shouldn't worry too much.

Also quite enjoying the new Wright book. It's dense and slow, of course, but I do get a chuckle out of it now and then. Like his comment about Philo being discarded and only the academic worms gnawing his bones. Guess you had to be there for that one.

My other big worry, though, is teaching SS in July-August. I've done lost of research already, and always haveideas coming into my head, but I worry about my ability to organize it into coherent lectures. I also worry about whether anyone will come, given that there will be quite a number of classes to choose from. And I worry about . . .well, enough of my worries. I should just do the work and stop whining.

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