Monday, March 01, 2004

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I am convinced that no single author has influenced my life so much in recent years as Stanley Hauerwas. The link above is to a recent lecture at Calvin College on the subject of Bonhoeffer and truthful speech. I've learned throughout my life that almost no one will read a book on my recommendation, but I figure maybe something aural and free and available at your convenience will fare a little better. It seems that Hauerwas has been studying Bonfoeffer lately for a book (amazon says it is coming out in April or so), which comes as a pleasant surprise to me. I had read Bonhoeffer's Ethics before I started digesting Hauerwas and found them opposed, in my mind at least, on the subject of the Christian's duties towards the state. If you want to explore that subject futher you will in fact have to read Ethics and then something like The Peaceable Kingdom. In any event, this lecture above is terrific. It takes about an hour. You would do well to "sacrifice" your favorite tv show or movie night or something and listen to this. Things get pretty colorful at the Q&A at the end, so stay tuned for that.

Do me a favor and just mention in a comment if you do in fact listen to this. Would be happy to have some discussion too, but would rather just know that you've heard this.

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