Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Books four and five will be reviewed next week at the latest. I'm most of the way through Singer's stories. It's by far the largest of the contest books, so it's taking a while. Good stuff there. The Dawson book I just started last night and don't have any comment to make yet. I'll just mention that among recent reading was Paul Theroux's Riding the Iron Rooster, a story of riding all over China by train. While Theroux gives all appearance of being a really lousy travel partner (says little, snoops around a lot, doesn't follow rules, annoyingly liberal), he writes really well and gives you lots of interesting tidbits. My favorite was this: there is a law in China that a husband may not initiate a divorce against his wife while she is pregnant or for one year after giving birth. As I though about this, I found myself thinking, what kind of society are we that we don't give this kind of protection to women. (BTW, women are not under those same obligations. If the husband is really troublesome she may initiate)

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