Monday, February 14, 2005

As Daniel has already mentioned, we had a couple of wonderful weekend visitors to our church from South Africa to speak about reconciliation. What I just love about our church is that our senior pastor invited Union Baptist, the largest black church in Durham, to come join us for the Sunday evening session. Union provided all of the music, which was terrific. Their last piece was a alto solo with the choir singing "God is my All in All". It rocked. Their pianist was one of the best blues/gospel stylists I've ever heard. Had a good time talking to him afterwards. Most pianists are usually interested in my profession :)

The one comment that really stood out from the message, though, was Micael Cassidy saying that one of the white churches in SA condemned his views as too political for opposing apartheid. Somehow opposing apartheid is political, but supporting it is not. It apllies well here, in the sense that just as all things can be considered "religious", so all things can be considered "political". Its not a matter of "whether" politics, but "which" politics.

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