Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Some things protestants miss by not reading the apocrypha. This is from Ecclesiasticus chs 18-19:

Do not be governed by your passions, restrain your desires. If you allow yourself to satisfy your desires, this will make you the laughing stock of your enemies.

. . .Being too ready to trust shows shallowness of mind, and sinning harms the sinner. Taking pleasure in evil earns condemnation; by hating gossip one avoids evil.

Never repeat what you are told and you will come to no harm; whether to a friend or to a foe, do not talk about it, unless it would be sinful not to reveal it; you would be heard out, than mistrusted, and in due course you would be hated.

Have you heard something? Let it die with you. Courage! It will not burst you!

A fool will suffer birthpangs over a piece of news, like a woman laboring with a child. Like and arow stuck in the flesh of the thigh, so is a piece of news inside a fool.

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