Thursday, January 18, 2001

Just to let you see some of my favorite people-

My wife works at BlueCross/BlueShield

One of my favorite friends from college (who introduced me to blogging, in addition to many other things) is Mark Horne

And here is my church
more to come...
My very first blog post right here. Let me tell you just a bit about myself. First of all I am a Christian (as you may have guessed from the title I used for myself). Second, I have a wife, the lovely Lenise, who tries to keep me out of trouble.

Other items of note. I am a professional piano tuner, and semi-retired cleaning service owner/operator. I like to read just about anything that gets in front of my face. I tend to be a conservative, both politically and religiously, but I like to think I am just following my biblically guided conscience on such issues. I enjoy using my meagre musical gifts: singing, playing piano and french horn. I enjoy wasting time on my computer, either surfing or playing games. And, of course, I enjoy my activities and friendships through my church. Enough for intro I think.